What is the Rugby Sponsors Consortium?

The RSC committee formed in late 2017 with the intention of bringing together local committed businesses and helping grassroots rugby clubs across the area.  The consortium aims to provide a platform to facilitate networking between the businesses, raising business awareness whilst raising funds and providing services to grassroots rugby clubs.  We aim to do this by businesses joining the consortium, networking and creating business opportunities at our events, this raises funds for our clubs who will also attend our events.  Clubs can apply for grants of money or services from the businesses within the consortium who will be recommended dependant on the business services they offer.  We believe this helps our local economy grow, through a referral networking system, whilst aiding our clubs to evolve through strong contacts and getting the funds they require to run their clubs out in our local community.  The RSC is a not for profit group, therefore all funds will be redistributed to the clubs.

To join The Rugby Sponsorship Consortium (RSC) you will need to become a member. There are two membership levels available for businesses. These are Premiership and Championship. The benefits of each level are viewable below.

Rugby Clubs can sign up to The RSC under a free membership for grass roots.

Please select the membership type below and purchase your member level.

Grass Roots Club Benefits

  • Free membership
  • Welcome pack on joining
  • Introduction at quarterly events
  • Website presence
  • Ability to be featured on any RSC social media platforms to aid in finding sponsors
  • Attendance to quarterly events where you can network with other clubs and local businesses
  • Ability to request grants from the RSC for your club on our website

Business Benefits

  • Welcome pack on joining and a mention at the next quarterly event
  • Attendance to quarterly events where you can network with other local businesses and the clubs
  • Business introduction and referral opportunities
  • Give something back to the grassroots rugby community
  • Website presence
  • Social media platform
  • Sponsorship opportunities